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We can make your vendor procurement and relationship tracking easier 

Balance Concierge's eBalance Experience software gives you the ability to serve the community as businesses in the community engage with you to better serve your employees and customers. We have clients in many different communities and feel that "buying local" is important. 

A woman receiving her dry cleaning.We know engaging with the community is essential for your organization and establishing trusted relationships with vendors is a leading way for you to engage. We also know the process can be time-consuming.

Balance Concierge has also developed a unique process for identifying and initiating strategic partnerships with local businesses. The process is a key factor in our ability to also provide convenience, services, and savings to you and your employees and customers. Since we rely on partnerships with the businesses that provide those goods, services and savings, Balance Concierge is uniquely positioned to serve as an extension of your brand in the community.

Local Community Preferred Vendor Network

We have established valuable partnerships with many national brands that we can extend to our clients.

We also recognize that locally-owned businesses can't always compete with some of the deep discounts that major brands can offer so we help find ways of adding convenience and savings for the employees and customers of large healthcare and other professional organizations that work within the constraints of local businesses. As a member of our Preferred Vendor Network, local community service providers, retailers, and restaurants receive the same kind of access/visibility as our nationally-based partners to an audience of potential customers not typically reachable by other means.

A couple traveling at the airportAdditionally, the prefered vendors in our network receive help designing special services and savings, periodic updates from us providing useful marketing tips, and opportunities for paid advertising and placement that puts them front and center with thousands of eager consumers.

From setting up local farmer's markets to arranging oil changes to working with local caterers, florists, hotels, restaurants, retailers and more, we are helping you help your community. A majority of the engagement services we offer through out concierge service are actually carried out through local businesses meaning you are increasing your local economy's ability to thrive! 

How vendors can participate

It's simple – and free – to become one of Balance Concierge's preferred vendors. Whether serving a local community only a national customer based, our team will issue you a special code to login and simply complete the online application form. Once approved, vendors are entered into our Preferred Vendor Network for each community we serve, added to our downloadable lists, and included in our online marketplace. Contact us today to get started!

Learn what vendors are already in our network

We would be happy to visit with you about the vendors already in our Preferred Vendor Network on a national and local community level. Contact us and we'll get the conversation going as soon as possible.

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