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Return on investment is impact

At Balance Concierge we understand how important it is for you to see and share reports on your return on investment, which is why we’ve built into our custom platform the ability for our team to pull monthly data on monthly program utilization data such as:

  • Number of requests submitted,
  • Number of unique users of your program,
  • Dollars referred to local community Preferred Vendor Networks, and
  • Much more.

All of this information combined, plus user experience surveys and stories received are shared with you to paint a comprehensive picture of the meaningful difference your investment is making in the lives of your employees.

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We are doing more with less across the board and caregiver burnout is high on our radar. The monthly Experience Reports help us understand engagement and trending. The value proposition is extremely important. Over the years we continue to see the benefit grow."

- Director, HR Physician and Executive Recruitment