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Building cultures of tangible caring

Balance Concierge is an onsite high touch, high tech, high value concierge and Web-based software solution for your healthcare workforce, professionals, patients, guests and customers. We customize our services and tools to enhance your organization’s culture of caring, team member engagement, and status as an employer and provider of choice.

We understand that satisfaction—that sense of having purpose and making a difference while feeling on top of life’s day-to-day challenges—is at the core of your ability to thrive. Attracting top talent, engaging your team members for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, and retaining your high-performing providers is essential to your ability to help customers and heal patients.

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Increasing your work-life satisfaction

A partnership with Balance Concierge will provide excellent ROI value as you attract, engage and retain your high-performing and happy team. The results of your investment are shared with you in easy-to-read monthly Experience Reports with access to qualitative and quantitative data. Balance Concierge clients experience significant outcomes such as increased:

  • Productivity
  • Team member satisfaction and engagement
  • Retention of talent
  • Patient satisfaction/HCAHPS scores
  • Customer and visitor reviews
  • Internal team communication and camaraderie

Organizations offering personal concierge assistance in their benefit and services line up have teams who show up for work and stay for years.

Balanced to help you balance

Balance Concierge’s success to date is centered around our business model of having a balance of the right people on our team; the right mix of vendors within the Preferred Vendor Network we establish for our clients; our ability to integrate and support the goals within the organizations we serve; and, tying all of the above together with our proprietary software, eBalance ExperienceTM, that serves as an easy-to-access and use front-end online portal and the robust back-end management and reporting tool.

Why we serve those who care for others

Balance Concierge’s leadership has been in shoes similar to yours working in healthcare administration. Tasked with a need to attract new high-quality team members and providers, make their work experience engaging, recognize their outstanding care, and retain them for years all while increasing patient satisfaction scores and reducing expenditures is challenging and stressful.

The work-life balance needs rising out of this environment led to the creation of Balance Concierge as a full-circle solution in 2008. It is a solution that offers team members the opportunity to more successfully integrate all areas of their lives.

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Top positive outcomes of partnering with Balance Concierge

  • Helps employees feel cared for by employers
  • Creates a more productive and meaningful work experience
  • Improves staff satisfaction and engagement
  • Returns work hours to you
  • Increases patient satisfaction scores (HCHAPS)
  • Strengthens community relationships
  • Improves workforce health
  • Fosters a more rejuvenating home life
  • Saves money through local and national discounts
  • Saves life years by allowing employees to relax more

bottom-line.jpgGreat for your employees, and great for your organization’s bottom line!


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"We are doing more with less across the board and caregiver burnout is high on our radar. The value proposition is extremely important. Over the years we continue to see the benefit grow."

– ​​​​​​​ Director, HR Physician and Executive Recruitment