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Meeting the needs of today’s workforce

A young nurse at her work stationRecent research shows that today’s workforce - especially the younger generations - places more importance on time savers, connectivity, and balancing work-life demands.

Having Balance Concierge’s affordable services available for your team speaks highly of a nurturing culture. We can help you show your team, your community and those you serve that you truly care about their health and well-being.

Life Care is caring for people at all phases and places in their lives

There are several studies reporting that this younger generation places as much or more importance on time savers, connectivity, and balancing work/life demands than financial compensation.

An older male grounds keeper with a wheel barrel on the campus of a hospital.Compensation and insurance benefits are very important, of course, but we have evolved into a national culture that better understands the importance of integrating all areas of life in a holistic effort to live lives of meaning. Technology advancements have helped push the mindsets of all generations to transform their ideas and expectations about work. Emphasizing the advantages of having Balance Concierge’s services available to caregivers speaks highly of a nurturing culture and the caring supportive attitude of leadership.


Creating a competitive recruitment edge by showing you understand the challenges of each generation

Being an employer of choice means being ahead of your competition as you attempt to recruit the best talent for your organization. A welcoming and innovative culture, along with a comprehensive benefit package are important considerations. Incoming millennial professionals, especially, expect modern conveniences and place a higher value on purposeful work integrated with flexible time for family/friend quality time and other personal pursuits.

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"89% of employees spend 30 minutes to five hours per workday taking care of personal tasks and issues."

- Forbes.com