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Reduce the stressful weight of to-do lists

Workplaces of all kinds can be chaotic and unproductive. If your company is within the healthcare sector or supporting healthcare with products or services, you understand the challenge of workforce stress. Tensions are running high due to tightened budgets, nursing shortages, changing regulations and reimbursements, patients with high deductible insurances, higher use of technology, and a constant reminder of safety and security. Keeping up with it all can cause frequent headaches.

Patients and their families and friends can also be under a great deal of stress while receiving care. They’ve been pulled away from their normal schedules and responsibilities and day-to-day life doesn’t stop because someone is hospitalized. While your team is working to care for patients’ health issues, there is often little time to lend a helping hand to make sure their other life needs are met.

Alleviate distractions

We live in a culture of increasing distraction and decreasing attention spans. Wired Magazine states “every time we shift our attention, the brain has to reorient itself, further taxing our mental resources. We are weakening our capacity for the kind of ‘deep processing’ that underpins ‘mindful knowledge acquisition, inductive analysis, critical thinking, imagination, and reflection.’” It is easy to prove just by observing each other that our brains are overloaded with distractions and concerns that may be limiting our ability to perform at our very best.

It is difficult to be present with patients when minds are thinking about things outside of their caregiving roles at work.

Employers in all industries are dealing with the reality found in an article on Forbes.com stating that 89% of employees spend 30 minutes to five hours per workday taking care of personal tasks and issues instead of focusing all of their intellect and energy on the job you need accomplished.

You’ve experienced the stories of urgency and emergency that take up your team members’ valuable time and attention . . . Following are a few stories based on real tales submitted by current Balance Concierge provider clients.

Man doing an oild changeSticker Stress – Sarah reports never having two hours available for an oil change appointment unless she takes time off during the weekday. The little-dated sticker in her vehicle’s window is a reminder every time she drives of just how far behind she is on personal tasks and how little time she’ll have over the weekend to spend with her family and friends.

Imagine how happy Sarah was to know that her oil changes were being taken care of while she focused on work instead of having to complete the chore during her rare time off on a Saturday.

Man on computer checking for baseball ticket pricesBaseball Blues – Randy spent his lunch and half the afternoon trying to find tickets for the game that his nieces and nephews are counting on from their favorite uncle. He found tickets for his family, but his budget report was late and caused you to have to work late to include his department’s numbers in your monthly presentation.

Consider the satisfaction of being able to call up a Concierge Ambassador to research and purchase tickets for great seats at sporting events, concerts, and plays at a discounted rate.

Two friends shopping for a wedding dressBridesmaid Emergency – Megan’s Friday afternoon shift in the emergency department was one small mistake after another because she was so busy worrying about not being able to pick up her bridesmaid dress that was finally ready from the shop downtown for her brother’s wedding the following day.

How convenient would it be to have someone run errands, arrange for drop-offs and pick-ups, confirm deliveries and carry out other “business hours only” tasks for you and your team? If only Megan weren’t so distracted, her patients may have rated her care that day much higher on their satisfaction survey.

These are just a few of the everyday realities that shift your team members’ focus away from providing the very best care possible. While the consequences of less than desired focus and performance are not in the realm of Balance Concierge to fix, we can definitely help treat the root problem.

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