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Successfully integrating of all life’s responsibilities

What does work-life balance mean? It is being productive and satisfied with outcomes happening in all areas of life. Balance is about integrating responsibilities at work and home in a way that allows people to experience the best of both worlds without consistently sacrificing one for the other.

Creating a competitive recruitment edge with satisfied team members

Team members meeting in the board roomBeing an employer of choice means being ahead of your competition as you attempt to recruit the best talent for your organization. A welcoming and innovative culture and a comprehensive benefit package are important considerations. Incoming millennial professionals expect modern conveniences and place a higher value on purposeful work integrated with flexible time for friends and family. 

Engaging employees

Every organization is unique, and the needs of their employees vary. Balance Concierge takes an innovative approach to offering a wide variety of concierge services and value-added resources. We focus on providing solutions to the numerous needs and different life styles of your team members. Our customized programs help your team members maintain balance in their lives by providing personal assistance with many of their routine tasks that can seem overwhelming when combined with a busy work schedule.

Helping you build lasting relationships

Whether Two men working together in a labyou partner with Balance Concierge to provide our comprehensive turnkey onsite program or simply license our proprietary software, eBalance ExperienceTM, you will see relationships improving for your team. Our services will have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and engagement, resulting in increased productivity, enhanced levels of customer service, and a stronger bottom line.

Adding value through significant savings

Team members using Balance Concierge services are collectively saving thousands of dollars. Our team extensively reviews businesses and builds relationships on your behalf to negotiate discounts and other needed support. We also provide access to thousands of national discounts. Establishing and maintaining your Preferred Vendor Network relationships for you frees up more time for you to focus on your organization.

Helping your local economy

Balance Concierge’s unique community model is a win-win-win for your organization, your team members, and local businesses within the Preferred Vendor Network. You win by strengthened relationships within the community and by a heightened position as a preferred industry leader. Your team members win by saving money through the substantial discounts. Team members also save time and energy thanks to the availability of a wide variety of Balance’s convenient services and resources, resulting in improved work-life balance. Vendors also win by having business referred to them.

Provide leadership learning opportunities

Ongoing skills development is another program we can offer your team members with convenient webinars, focused emails and in person or online presentations. Investing in skills development for your team members such as leadership, time management, stress reduction and overall well being can pay off for all involved.

Show your appreciation

A group of happy workers posing for a photo at the local food bankSaying thank you for a job well done can go a long way when time and energy are short. Our unique rewards and recognition software solutions make it easy for managers and peers at all levels of your organization to quickly and easily follow through on their intention to share kudos and recognition. Whether you want to streamline and elevate recognition for leaders and team members, your valuable volunteers or both, we can help you with two unique platforms that have proven to be effective, efficient and meaningful tools:

  • Leader to Team Member/Volunteer
  • Peer to Peer

Nominations and requests are placed through your customized portal. Then, your concierge ambassador secures your program’s pre-approved gift cards, notes, flowers, or whatever we together design to be included in your program.

An added bonus to partnering with Balance Concierge to manage your recognition program is that we will have already established a great relationship with a local Preferred Vendor Network that allows us to secure items at the best value, which saves you valuable time and stretches your recognition budget.

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"This service is one of the main reasons why my job satisfaction has been high as I have transitioned into my new role. It has been incredibly stressful and overwhelming at times, but having this service has really helped me to keep at least some level of balance."

          - Healthcare Professional