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Balance Concierge’s service model offers convenience

iStock-633113796.jpgIn addition to all of the task-oriented services we provide your team to reduce the pain of their everyday to-do lists, we bring you 24/7 access to our online, mobile request and communication portal called eBalance ExperienceTM is a virtual Concierge. It can be visited directly with your customized URL as well as via a link from your current intranet for convenient single sign-on access.

iStock-687660868.jpgOur new Hospital TIESTM [Together In Everyday Success] mobile app is valuable especially to those team members who are often traveling between facilities or working in areas without frequent access to a desktop or laptop computer. While our portal is responsive and available on mobile devices, some users like the format of an app.

Do you need help making sure your team members working non-business hours have a chance to shop in your hospitals’ gift shops? Balance Concierge has an embedded platform in the eBalance Virtual Concierge portal to solve the late-night and early-morning uniform and gift shopping experience.

iStock-627196942.jpgThe portal also has an invoicing platform, member survey feature, calendar and area for your team members to submit timely first-hand stories and comments about their experiences.

We provide weekly email and social media communications to your team members providing inspiration, information, and links to local and national discounts, members-only swap-n-shop classifieds through eBalance or a closed Facebook group, and additional special opportunities for you to communicate with your team. 

Optional software features meet the needs of today’s workforce

  • SFTP file sharing and uploads
  • Single Sign On (SSO) LDAP solution
  • Service requests
  • Member experience surveys
  • Story sharing
  • New team member onboarding emails and messaging - hire date sensitive
  • Work Perks event management and tracking software
  • Recognition and Reward nominations and management
  • Retail catalog for gift and uniform shop sales
  • Invoicing
  • Calendar
  • Links to local and national discounts
  • Members-only swap-n-shop classified ads (choice of platform or closed Facebook group)
  • Financial health services
  • Customized ROI performance reports on member usage and birthdays
  • Customized vendor partner outcome reports

Balance Concierge’s portal provides portable service

Our eBalance ExperienceTM virtual concierge is user friendly on multiple devices, allowing us to go to a bedside, a remote clinic, or multiple facilities to manage requests on the spot, make deliveries, and coordinate events on your behalf. We require very little assistance from your IT resources once we set-up the single sign on solution. And, by managing our entire service online, we are making a smaller carbon footprint on our planet!

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Contact us today for a short demo and discussion about which of our high touch, high tech, high value customized concierge program services is best for you.


“I've always been curious how my concierge manages to operate the way they do, they are so fast and efficient that I imagine a whole plethora of happy yellow minions behind the scenes responding to our requests and questions with lightning speed.

 Despite my silliness, I really am appreciative of the services my concierge provides. They have been able to coordinate sending flowers when a co-worker had a family member pass away, they have helped us arrange food for staff appreciation, and help us to remember holidays and important dates we may not otherwise think to recognize.

 On a personal level, I love that our concierge service reminds me to find balance in my life. They remind me on a daily basis that I should be out doing fun things with my family and enjoying this beautiful city we live in. My personal favorite feature is having the concierge ambassadors get tickets to shows for me. It removes stress and takes away all those unnecessary fees.

Thanks for all that you guys do!”

 – Muriel A.