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Balance Concierge helps you serve and engage patients and their family members in meaningful ways

Senior couple meeting with a concierge memberPatients not only expect, but also depend on the very best care from your professional healthcare team. With their lives in your hands, they depend on being in a healing and respectful environment. The state of your organization’s culture can be felt – consciously and unconsciously. 

Adding affordable and caring hospitality services to increase the comfort and care of patients and their visiting family members and friends can help exhibit your brand’s patient-focused philosophy.

Onsite Balance Concierge Ambassadors can provide a wide range of services that help relieve stress and worry during a hospital stay so patients, their guests and your professional healthcare team can focus on being present in their healing care.

“The last time I was in the hospital I was introduced to someone who actually ordered a book for me. That wasn’t all; she offered to make hotel reservations for my granddaughter and her husband, who were coming to visit. With this kind of caring, I don’t think I will go to any other hospital.” ~Patient’s wife

Could any of the following ideas be helpful to those you serve?

Nurse assisting an older lady

  • Facility and campus way finding assistance
  • Family member assistance
  • Pet care coordination and visitation
  • Home delivery wait services
  • Personal bill payment
  • Travel and hotel accommodations
  • Researching books, movies and other entertainment to aid relaxation and passing of the time
  • Discharge assistance
  • Prescription pick-up and delivery
  • Meals and groceries to ensure they have what they need to continue their care at home and reduce the need for readmission

Increasing patient satisfaction/HCAHPS scores can improve your bottom line

Connecting with patients and families results in enhanced patient experiences, increased referrals, and a competitive edge for your organization. All of these contribute to the scores your patients give you as receiving the very best care. When the numbers are higher, your funding formula is also higher.

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