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Simplifying life and increasing the satisfaction of caregivers, employees, customers and patients

You may know about the traditional services expected from a concierge service for guests and professionals working in large organizations. What you may not be aware of is that our employee engagement partners - our clients - receive a unique high touch, high tech and high value program focused on:

  1. Building positive relationships and organizational cultures,
  2. Performing excellent service for those who serve and those being served alike, and
  3. Providing results that are backed up with qualitative and quantitative data collected from your team members’ comments, satisfaction surveys and usage analytics.

Balance Concierge’s services are all about helping your team maintain their presence and health of mind, body and spirit.  We call it Life Care.

Business partners shaking handsHigh Touch

We help build lasting relationships for you internally and externally by supporting your on site, multi-site and remote team members and patients with dozens of personal requests to balance their work and home lives. Following is a list of some of the most common needs met by Balance Concierge:

Personal Concierge Services for Team Members and Patients

  • Entertainment and Recreation
  • Basic Services
  • Automotive
  • Food and Beverage
  • Flowers and Gifts
  • Lifelong Learning

Local Preferred Vendor Network and National Discounts

We establish a preferred vendor network of local businesses and service providers in your community to ensure the best quality and price. We also have a long list of national vendor relationships that allow us to extend valuable discounts to you and your team.

Recognition and Rewards Program Management

Whether you want to streamline or elevate recognition, or both, we can help you with two unique and easy-to-use platforms that have proven to be effective, efficient and meaningful tools:

  • Leader to Team Member/Volunteer
  • Peer to Peer

IT team working hard on their laptopHigh Tech

We bring you 24/7 access to our online request and communication portal called eBalanceTM Virtual Concierge. It can be visited directly with your customized URL as well as via a link from your intranet for convenient single sign-on access.

A mirror of the portal, our new Hospital TIESTM [Together In Everyday Success] mobile app is valuable especially to those team members who often travel between facilities or work in areas without frequent access to a desktop or laptop computer.


  • SFTP file sharing and uploads
  • Single Sign On (SSO) LDAP solution
  • Service requests
  • Member experience surveys
  • Story sharing
  • New team member onboarding emails and messaging - hire date sensitive
  • Work Perks event management and tracking software
  • Rewards and recognition requests and management
  • Retail catalog for gift and uniform shop sales
  • Invoicing
  • Calendar
  • Access to local and national discounts
  • Members-only swap-n-shop classified ads (choice of platform or closed Facebook group)
  • Financial health services
  • Customized ROI performance reports on member usage and birthdays
  • Customized vendor partner outcome reports

A woman writing on a white boardHigh Value

KNOWLEDGEABLE: We have servant hearts for healthcare and have first-hand knowledge of the industry's challenges and needs;

EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT: We have cost-effective and time-efficient solutions supported by our proven proprietary eBalance software and a mobile app that is easy-to-use on the front end and provides robust analytic reporting on the back end; and,

TRUSTWORTHY: Our concierge team members are your brand ambassadors. Helping others live more balanced and meaningful lives is an honor we take seriously as we deliver a vast range of services with personal attention and a smile.

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"Sunshine Personal Assistants, our branded Balance Concierge program, is an amazing satisfier for our caregivers and visitors alike. The attention to detail and outstanding customer service contributes to our overall community image, and reinforces our commitment to being an employer of choice. "

– ​​​​​​​Dr. Mark Laney, president and CEO of Mosaic Life Care