Balance Concierge cares for your team members so they can be more engaged in caring for others

With Balance Concierge as your partner, your employees may never see our corporate name because the concierge specialists we place with you will operate as extensions of your own team and brand. Unlike other personal assistant, concierge and hospitality programs that simultaneously support multiple clients via impersonal messaging services and call centers, Balance Concierge team members focus solely on serving one organization – yours. They immerse themselves in the culture and unique needs of your providers, team members, patients and guests. We have multiple onsite teams throughout the country serving health systems and industry leaders.

Custom-branded to look and feel like an extension of your brand

White-labeled, custom-branded, or whatever you prefer to call it … partnering with Balance Concierge allows you to establish a program that seamlessly looks and feels like an extension and expansion of your organization’s human resource and talent support services.

You receive at a lower price point all of the benefits of having additional staff dedicated to lowering employee stress levels and therefore increase your efforts to recruit, engage, recognize, and retain your best resources your high-performing, compassionate, and skilled team members.

By putting your people first, you are living out your commitment to putting patients and/or clients first.

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"I use our concierge service to run life errands while I am busy working full time. This has been especially useful with researching beaches, hiking trails, fireworks or other events, and getting my oil changed. I am so appreciative of this service!"

– Adrianne J.