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Local businesses benefit from Balance Concierge’s partnerships

Balance Concierge establishes a Community Preferred Vendor Network of dozens of local businesses prior to implementing our concierge service program within your organization. Our unique, community model involves creating a win-win-win for your organization, your team members, and local businesses.

You win by strengthened relationships within the community and by a heightened position as the preferred healthcare provider. Your employees’ win by saving money through the substantial discounts offered, which allows their paychecks to stretch further. Balance Concierge also saves team members time and energy through the availability of a wide variety of convenient services and resources, resulting in improved work-life balance. Vendors win by having business referred to them.

One of our healthcare systems recently estimated that more than $2 million worth of business was referred over six years to their local economy through Balance Concierge’s personal assistant service. Helping team members with automotive tasks alone resulted in 38% of that total.

You and your people benefit from our homework

We work with, and leverage, the local vendor community to promote their goods and services to serve and meet the needs of your hospital physicians, providers, employees and patients. We have been recognized for our role in local economic benefit in our client cities and pass on the discounts we negotiate to our clients.

With each new client, we create a specific vendor portal allowing interested businesses to reach out to become part of a preferred vendor network. In addition, we put each vendor through a complete vetting process, which includes checking the Office of Inspector General’s [OIG] List of Excluded Individuals/Entities [LEIE] that provides information to the health care industry, patients and the public regarding individuals and entities currently excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, and all other Federal health care programs. As a result of our extensive relationships with the local businesses, we find our need to run errands and be away from the concierge “desk” to be minimal.

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“Our first experience with the concierge service at my office was before we even moved to the area. You helped us get all our utilities connected. When we moved from our rental to our new house, you found some excellent movers that we probably wouldn't have found otherwise. There have been many instances in which the concierge ambassadors helped save time that we just do not have during "business hours" to be on the phone calling different places for quotes, research, scheduling services, etc. Even when we don't end up going with the services recommended, it has been helpful in shopping around and making choices. I hope to continue to find ways for this benefit to help our family on a more regular basis.”

– New manager