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The stories and thanks shared tell us we are on the right track


The Gift of Time

“Time is a gift. One year, I gave my Christmas present shopping list and credit card to our concierge ambassadors. They found everything at good prices and even had it wrapped for me. It was a huge help!”

– Healthcare system chief operations officer




Gift Baskets

“Our concierge portal is perfect for submitting those birthdays that you need help with. Our concierge ambassadors are able to get a gift basket put together based on who and what you are looking for. They even wrap it all up and will snag you a card so you are all set even in a pinch! Saves me time and always money since they get great discounts at lots of different vendors. So thankful for our concierge service!”

– Abby R.



Love The Great Deals!

“We love the great deals found through the concierge service at work!”

- Amy R.



Our Concierges Rock! 

“I have used our concierge service at the hospital for a variety of discounts!  I think the most valuable for me has been events were I can save on Ticketmaster fees.  Also, I find the Resource Guide useful to get to know the area better.  Their responsiveness is impressive!  I am happy to have this service as a hospital employee.”

– Antu S.


Game Tickets = Bonding Time with Daughter 

“I responsed to an offer of sporting even tickets. Since the children have left home, my 30-year-old daughter turns down all the offers I give to spend time together. Whether I call a week ahead or a day, she always says no. When I called about the game she said she'd love to go. Our concierge ambassador worked to get me tickets and set up a pick up place. We picked her up, had lunch and an amazing time watching our team win. There were many opportunities to talk to her and just rejoice in time spent with her. Thanks for this memorable excursion and giving us these opportunities.”

– Katherine V.


Post Office Service 

“I had a package that had to be overnighted and I had forgotten about it until 24 hours beforehand. I realized this at 7 am and send an email to our concierge service for employees at the hospital. By 8 am they had met me at the hospital to get the package and get it in the mail on time. Made my day!”

– Kristin J.


Awesome Activities 

“I love getting the weekly newsletters because I love hearing about the upcoming events in our region. We went to our first baseball game this weekend, which is something I learned about through the concierge emails. I also loved the splash pad guide!”

– Natasha H.

Thank You

I went through orientation this week and heard our concierge ambassador talk to us about the concierge service provided at work. As someone new to this organization, I just wanted to tell you all how awesome I think what you do is, and am so thankful! No other hospital I have ever been a part of has offered something like this, so again, thank you  for all you do for us. I look forward to using the service!”




Theme Park

“I really enjoyed the buy one get one free tickets that were provided last August. I had just finished taking my PANCE, and I got to go enjoy some time down at the park to celebrate.” 

– Jordan M.




Car Services 

“I've used our onsite concierge service to coordinate car repairs and oil changes. They are a lifesaver! It made it so easy to get the repairs I needed. Thank you!”

– Julie C.


Home Repairs 

“As a first time home owner, finding the right people to help fix up your home can be very intimidating. The concierge team at work has greatly helped us with finding the best prices and companies for all the home repairs and  maintenance that we've had to do! Thank you :)”

– Chelsea B.


New to the Area 

I recently moved after accepting a job. I am a single parent with a special needs child. The concierge service at work was great. They researched for me multiple specialty services in my area that my son needed, as well as inquired if places accepted both of our insurances and what the wait time was to get into a provider within each office. They have also researched activities in the area for special needs children for me. They have saved me hours of time so I can focus on my patients when I am at work and my children when I am at home. Thank you! :)”

– Katie P.


Saving Time and Making Moves 

“Our first experience with the concierge service at my office was before we even moved to the area. You helped us get all our utilities connected. When we moved from our rental to our new house, you found some excellent movers that we probably wouldn't have found otherwise. There have been many instances in which the concierge ambassadors helped save time that we just do not have during "business hours" to be on the phone calling different places for quotes, research, scheduling services, etc. Even when we don't end up going with the services recommended, it has been helpful in shopping around and making choices. I hope to continue to find ways for this benefit to help our family on a more regular basis.”

– David F.

Resource Guides

“I greatly enjoy the various resource guides available. Great help and tips on where to go and what to do in our region. Especially new to the area I have found these to be a great resource to me and my family. I highly encourage you to ask for a guide if one shows interest to you.”

– Aimee W.


Monster Jam Tickets 

“I contacted the our concierge service to request tickets to the Monster Jam event for my son's 5th birthday.  They provided the information promptly, which would allow us to go at an awesome rate.  With the busy-ness of life, I forgot to request the tickets I wanted and as the event came closer, realized that I was running out of time.  I contacted our concierge service at work on the morning of the last day, and they went above and beyond to assure I was able to secure tickets and have them available at Will Call to allow my son and his friends to see the monster trucks.  They had a blast, and I was thankful for this service to help make it happen!

– Alison M.


Concierge Help

“I don't have one specific incident...but each time I have reached out to the concierge service they have responded quickly with a solution.  Whether it is getting a much-needed oil change while I work, ordering a special-occasion meal or planning a vacation, the concierge staff has been super helpful :)”

– Laurie C.


Keeping Me On Top 

I truly hate anything to do with cars. The services I have used the most have been related to car services. Car washing/detailing, windshield repair, and tire service. I love that I just leave my keys in the car or some other safe place and it all happens while I am at work.  

I have also used the services for tickets to local events. I just make the request after I see the suggestion in one of the emails and magically I have part of my social life planned. They will even go the extra mile and help out with dinner reservations if I want.  

Thanks for making my life easier and keeping me in the know.”

– Lindsey J.


Speedy Service With An Electronic Smile 

“I've always been curious how my concierge manages to operate the way they do, they are so fast and efficient that I imagine a whole plethora of happy yellow minions behind the scenes responding to our requests and questions with lightning speed.

 Despite my silliness, I really am appreciative of the services my concierge provides. They have been able to coordinate sending flowers when a co-worker had a family member pass away, they have helped us arrange food for staff appreciation, and help us to remember holidays and important dates we may not otherwise think to recognize.

 On a personal level, I love that our concierge service reminds me to find balance in my life. They remind me on a daily basis that I should be out doing fun things with my family and enjoying this beautiful city we live in. My personal favorite feature is having the concierge ambassadors get tickets to shows for me. It removes stress and takes away all those unnecessary fees.

Thanks for all that you guys do!”

 – Muriel A.

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